Intelligent Enterprise

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Moving beyond Enterprise Resource Planning


Ever imagined what it would mean for your organization to be an intelligent enterprise? An enterprise where you have all the information right at hand with great insights to make immediate decisions using the most advanced analytics tooling? Fully automated processes based on sensor and machine data directly feeding directly back into your ERP system to constantly optimize your business processes and utilizing latest Analytics technologies to deep dive into the facts? Having a self-enforcing sales workforce that is fully supported by customer engagement tooling that can give all the answers to the questions of the customers while providing a full customer profile to the sales workforce which enables them to give the customer its own experience? Sometimes these examples are hard to imagine, especially if your organisation is currently not integrating an enterprise resource planning application and innovative system in your IT landscape. Yet, this is exactly what NTT Data is doing over and over again for their customers, who are in a similar situation and providing the insights of your company.

Intelligent Enterprise

So when are we talking about an intelligent enterprise. According to SAP, intelligent enterprises use the latest technologies to turn insight to action across the business – in real time. In the past, we were very much engaged with optimizing our SAP ECC systems to reflect in the best way the business processes. More recently, we started to include applications like Hybris or C/4HANA, Ariba and Succesfactors in combination with Analyics Cloud to our IT landscape to cover a larger part of our business processes, especially to optimize the respective part of the business processes. With the help of intelligent technologies like Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Block chain and Robotic Process Automation we are now able to further automate your processes and give an even better – real time – insight into your business processes. Or even reimagine your business processes or reinvent the business model. Let me give some examples of business processes where we have used intelligent technologies to improve processes based on SAP ERP systems.


Optimized Supply Chain

Supply chain is one of the areas where intelligent technologies can help you solve some of the challenges you might be facing. NTT Data has created various assets to help their customers face these challenges.
When you are handling high valuable goods you want to be able to track the goods at all time, and in some cases even be able to determine their condition. One of the challenges with handling goods is that the tracking inside and outside buildings requires different technologies and in some cases even different sensors. With Logistics Bridge from NTT Data you create a digital twin that can track and trace the products through the full supply chain using different sources of information like Wi-Fi sensors, low band sensors but also parcel information from the carrier. With these data we are to determine locations, movement, temperature, humidity, etc. For damage accountability we can for instance determine that falling of the object in a certain timeframe pinpointing who is accountable. And all this information is of course fed back into the SAP ERP system to create a fully aligned business process and provides dashboards with real-time insights and possibilities to act immediately without having to login to your SAP ERP system additionally.

Logistics Bridge


Salesforce Support

Ever been in a situation where you just lack the salespeople to cover the requests from your customers. This was exactly what Kia Motors was facing in their showrooms from time to time. So we introduced Mia. Mia is a fully digitalized human avatar application that corresponds based on facial expressions and smart microphone technology from NTT Data and can support your sales assistant if it comes to explaining the product details or other questions from customers. In addition, it has the capability of collecting customer relevant data on questions and answers. Mia has meanwhile been successfully introduced in customer events, in reception areas, and for employee experience and training centers. Frontline AI is the solution from NTT Data that can provide this experience. It can be fully integrated with your C/4 Hana, S/4 Hana and Succesfactors systems.



Maintenance and Production optimization

With adding sensor data combined with other sources, like historical data and weather data, we can do smart analysis that can heavily improve your production efficiency. At Xervon GmbH, we optimized the usage of cooling towers by using sensors in the cooling water, combining with historical data from the SAP ERP system and weather data from satellites, to ensure the right temperature of cooling water provided to their customers. The reduction of energy consumption by the cooling towers in the first phase of the project was already close to 6-8%.



Improving maintenance process by image recognition

Any location with vast outside areas have a difficulty with the maintenance inspections. They often result in high cost and are, in some cases, very risky. Processing plants, Telecom and electricity providers, off-shore oil rigs, or large rural areas for agriculture or municipality, all are facing similar challenges. It takes a lot of time and money to find only a few deficiencies. In these cases, Satellites and drones might be a solution. For several municipalities in Denmark, NTT Data developed a solution that can help detect invasive weeds. The drones can be deployed to check and identify potential weeds that need to be removed, using a smart solution for image recognition to identify the weeds and is handled by a combination of modern Technologies provided from HyperScaler and classical SAP SystemsAll the information is fed back into the systems to create work orders and assign workforce to perform the actual removal of the materials. Similar techniques can be used to identify rust, oil leakage, life-stock tracking and parameter damages. And a lot more use cases are still to be uncovered.

Giant Hogweed

We would like to be your trusted global innovator

As you can see, there is a wide variety of solutions to be implemented to improve your business processes, increase your performance, create a seamless customer experience or just simply to cut cost. All it needs to find adequate solutions, is the right combination of imagination, good industrial and process knowledge and high expertise in intelligent technologies. NTT Data has shown over and over again that they can support their customers beyond a classic ERP system and transform our customer systems into the “Intelligent Enterprise”


Geuko Bosker

Geuko Bosker is senior specialist in Technology & Innovation General HQ of NTT Data in Tokyo and acting as senior advisor to the CTO of NTT Data Corporation. His primary focus is global technology & innovation management & Strategy. As part of his role, he is co-leading the SAP innovations team in NTT Data globally and member of the digital focus area leadership team for Internet of Things. Before he came to Tokyo he was director for managed services and innovations at itelligence Benelux, leading a team that was focussing on combining the strength of the long term customer relationships with introducing and implementing the latest innovations and technologies of the SAP product portfolio.